give的短语(英语语法:短语give off, give up的用法?)


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217.give off发出,放出
用法:give off通常表示“发出(光、气味、声音等)”,后接的宾语一般位于off之后。
例句:The book says that the fox may give off a bad smell.
结构分析:The book是主语,says是谓语, that引导宾语从句,the fox是主语, may give off 是谓语(情态动词may+动词短语give off),a bad smell是宾语。
218.give up放弃
用法:give up通常接名词或者动名词,与back down同义。
例句:I’mgoing to give up playing chess. (2015年6月四级)
219.go abroad出国,去国外
用法:go abroad其后不接宾语,可以与介词连用引出目的。
例句:In the 80s of last century, a large number of young people chose to go abroad for learning.
220.go along with赞同某事,和某人观点一致
用法:go along with也可以表示“和某人一起去”,其后必须接宾语。
例句:The National School Lunch Act requires that school lunches go along with the Dietary guidelines for Americans developed by the government.(2013年6月四级)
20200106作业动词短语:go away走开,离开
用法:go away还可以表示“停止,消失”,可与go off互换。
例句:In order to save the pregnant woman, the police let the crowd go away quickly. (2013年6月四级)
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